Membership Application

Preliminary Membership Application

Undercover Billionares LoThis application serves as a preliminary membership application. If the information meets UCB’s membership criteria, the application will be distributed to the appropriate approval process for consideration. Before proceeding, please be prepared to provide information about yourself, your business (e.g., number of employees, corporation value, enterprise value, etc.) and your family. Completing the application takes approximately 10 minutes and we ask that you be as thorough as possible so that UCB can expedite your application.

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 If you have questions about becoming a UCB member, please email

Undercover Billionaires International®

Membership Criteria

Please review the qualification criteria before completing an application. If you have questions about membership, email

The individual must meet dollar volume requirements, as follows:

  • **Personal Net-worth in cash or assets to the surplus of at least US$+100,000 at this point in time.

  • **Copy of your ID Document or Passport.

  • **Submit latest 3 months banking statements as well as proof of assets surpassing a minimum of $100,000.

  • **Pay upfront membership fee of $1000 or $100 monthly fee below via Paypal.

Qualifying Title

UCB membership is open to individuals who are responsible for the full operation of a qualifying corporation or division. Individuals must hold one of the following titles: President, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director or Managing Partner.

Note: There may only be one member of UCB per qualifying company or qualifying division of a company.