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Welcome to Undercover Billionaires:

Undercover Billionaires International is the World’s Most Exclusive International Business Awards Ceremony & Professional Network.

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The story began when the Founder and President of UCB, Louis JR Tshakoane found it challenging & troublesome to find reputable, transparent, trustworthy, certified business associates to work with. At the age of 16 he was given R2 Million worth of gym equipment and R500,000 to start a community project that uplifted a previously disadvantaged township called Tembisa. As a result of the media attention he became well recognized and this also attracted the wrong type of crowd; one that lacked genuine intentions. He found it difficult to progress without losing money first, without making the right relationships fast enough.

He then formed Undercover Millionaires a platform that bridges the gap between an affluent older generation with an aspirational younger entrepreneurial generation. The brand has successfully done so and engages over 100,000 global members visitors monthly.

Loaded with this experience he found it necessary to form an even more exclusive society of elite business professionals who could be verified of their wealth status and included in what he calls “The WhatsApp for Millionaires” or “Little Black Book of the Internet”. A $1,000 businessmen directory mobile app that gives its members direct communication access with each other. A simple solution to a very complex problem. With over 1000+ millionaires set to be part of its formal launch in November 2016 at the first ever UCB International Business Awards. Where 18 prestigious award categories will be handed over to the top achievers around the world nominated by invitation only from the UCB Judge Panel & Board of Directors which includes a few Statesmen, Royal Family Members and Billionaires.

Headquartered in heart of Sandton, Johannesburg – South Africa the organization is a cutting edge mix of technology, prestigious business acumen and secret society of affluent individuals who seek to be recognized for their achievements.

A networth network that strives for excellence in acknowledging the very best of business professional as well as being the platform of choice for growth and problem solving among the world’s global corporate leaders.